Mahjong Wanderlust – Greenland Theme

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Experience a totally new insight into Mahjong Greenland theme with this intimate look at the dying art of hand-carving tiles integrated with technology, imaginative illustrations & creativity!

  • Revitalizes an intangible cultural heritage by breathing a new life with Greenland features
  • When the mahjong craftsman Ricky Cheung & illustrator Karen Aruba from two generations merge minds, mahjong goes beyond a mahjong game to become one-of-a-kind wall art by giving a modern twist to preserve craftsmanship
  • Travel this unique journey to appreciate the art of mahjong craft by a Hong Kong brand with over 50-year family legacy
  • Integrate with hand-carving, hand-painting, laser-engraving and creativity | totally made in Hong Kong

Extraordinary design of ‘Mahjong Wanderlust | Greenland theme

  • bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship & contemporary art
  • depicts Greenland cultural elements such as berries, kayak, the island shape, animals, floral and landscapes
  • reinterprets the creative mahjong design to enhance the home décor and home living
  • enhances the positive values of mahjong playing game

Story Behind the Scene – a father and daughter duo collaboration

Karen Aruba Art comes from a longstanding line of mahjong craftsmanship. Our intimate mahjong family story supports Hong Kong craftsmanship.

The illustration inspired from the uncommon design and mythology of the ancient Chinese mahjong tiles – a full set of extraordinary design captures Hong Kong artistry and culture, going beyond mahjong to preserve the intangible cultural heritage.

Understand how passionate we are to preserve Hong Kong craftmanship: ‘A Mahjong Story

Original Design & Production Lead Time

Mahjong Wanderlust is a series of collection including other themes. It is to revitalize the artistic culture of mahjong.

It involves 50% hand-carving the original MJ patterns created by Master, 100% hand-painting, and new illustrated patterns designed by Karen Aruba, laser-engraved with fine lines.

To create this beautiful art piece, each full set will take around 4 months in production + 10-14 days of international delivery. Thank you for your kind support to our work.

Product Description

  1. Color at the back: Green
  2. Size per mahjong tile: 2.7cm (W) x 3.7 cm (L) x 2.2cm (H)
  3. Canton mahjong versions; 144 tiles + 4 blank tiles in total
  4. Hand-carved patterns include: Characters 1 to 9(一 to 九), Three Winds (中發白), Four Directions (東南西北),Eight Florals/Season, and all Arabic numbers on bamboo and circle tiles.
  5. Materials: High quality of Japanese acrylic or A grade equivalent, highly durable and long lasting without color deterioration
  6. Made-to-order on hand-carving, NO mass production, NO material wastage

Mahjong Accessories

A beautiful box in light blue color, 4 additional blank tiles, wind indicators & dice


Each set will come with a certificate of authenticity signed with a serial number.

Optional Frame for Wall Art Display

We offer an additional choice with a good quality custom-made wooden frame to hang this artpiece on wall to enhance your home living environment. Contact us in separate.

Original Framed Size: 50.4cm x 29.6cm x 4cm

Hang securely

Each full set of mahjong weights 5.3kg. Make sure screws or hooks are secure enough to support the weight.

Watch the video of making process (Hong Kong theme)

Special Thanks:

  • Design ideas with Judith Maréchal from Greenland
  • Mahjongg – The Art of the Game